Leading women entrepreneurs attribute success to their mom

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SOURCE: Saudi Gazette

Dec 4, 2017

By Faisal Mijrashi

Okaz/Saudi Gazette

JEDDAH — Three sisters who are now leading Saudi entrepreneurs. On the occasion of International Women Entrepreneurs Day which was observed on Sunday in King Abdullah Economic City they attributed their success to their mother. They showered all praise on their mother for helping them to be successful women in business despite the obstacles she faced.

Aisha Al-Zamil is the mother of Rima Al-Shemimry, CEO of Munch; Sara Al-Shemimry, CEO of Beauty Box; and Mishaal Al-Shemimry, a rocket scientist and the founder of Mishail Aerospace.

“My journey has been full of challenges but it has a happy ending. I divorced my husband when I was in the United States and right after giving birth to Mashail. My brother encouraged me to be independent and find a job. I was reluctant at the beginning because I just had a child,” said Aisha Al-Zamil.

She added her sister-in-law helped her get a job in a bank.

“Slowly I started to get on my own two feet. It was not easy. I used to cry alone every night. But today I am ecstatic to be the mother of three beautiful and strong women. I raised my daughters to be highly disciplined, ambitious and determined. They each followed their dreams and passions and I am proud to be their mother,” said Aisha.

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