Living in Saudi Arabia

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Time: April 01, 2018

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has long welcomed foreign people to work in the country, for anything from a few days to several years. Expatriates account for around a 35% of Saudi Arabia’s total population. Politically stable, well-ordered and with very little crime, Saudi Arabian society places great emphasis on family life, safety, hospitality and tradition. When working in Saudi Arabia, foreign executives and their families often choose to live in purpose-built gated communities. Safe, comfortable, convenient and a ‘home from home’ for expatriates, these offer high-quality villa-style accommodation and extensive on-site facilities such as supermarkets, swimming pools, bowling alleys, gyms and even golf courses.

Saudi Arabia has first-class health and educational facilities, both public and private. Saudi Arabia first international school opened in Dhahran in 1962, and highly-rated international schools are now found in many of the Kingdom’s larger cities. Among Saudi Arabia’s historic, cultural and scenic attractions are ancient castles, huge sand dunes and the spectacular coral reefs of the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf. Spectator and participatory sports include horse and camel racing, falconry, waterskiing, sailing and snorkeling. From enjoying a desert picnic under the stars to scuba diving with the brightly colored reef-fish near Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has much to offer. For shoppers, Saudi Arabia has everything from vast, gleaming, air-conditioned malls to vibrant souks selling spices, traditional arts and crafts and plenty besides. On weekdays most shops are open from 08 am to midnight, and on Fridays from 4 pm to 02 am, and in Saudi Arabia there are no sales taxes or VAT.

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