Makkah imam warns against fanaticism

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Time: May 11, 2018

MAKKAH — Sheikh Saleh Bin Humaid, imam and khateeb of the Grand Mosque in Makkah, warned some television channels and social networking sites against whipping up of fanaticism and sectarian sentiments in the society. In his Friday sermon at the Grand Mosque, Sheikh Bin Humaid underlined the need for fostering values of moderation and tolerance among the young generation through including these in the school and university curriculum. “It is unfortunate that some channels and some social media, deliberately or unintentionally, publicize slogans that trigger sectarian and regional differences, tribal fanaticism, partisan strife and so on,” he said.

Sheikh Bin Humaid, who is also former president of the Shoura Council, noted that the best way to address such undesirable tendencies is to promote tolerance and moderation in the curriculum so as to inculcate in the younger generation lofty values such as respecting and safeguarding the rights of other people. He also called for enacting regulations that prevent intolerance and fanaticism as well as to formulate clear policies to combat various forms of discrimination and injustice. “All the members of the media have to play a decisive role in this respect,” he said.

The imam described fanaticism as a deadly disease and a grave danger that destroys the meanings of humanity. “It is an illness that affects the individual, the nation, and the society as a whole. It is one of the sources of injustice and causes of hatred and means of corruption,” he said, adding that the manifestations of fanaticism include contempt for others, lack of recognition of their rights, and intolerance in speech and expressions.

This article was first published in Saudi Gazette

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