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Time: May 28, 2018

Misk Global Forum at TED 2018 - Jason Redmond / TED

How do we give youth the skills they need to thrive in a rapidly-changing future economy?

That’s what we discussed  at TED 2018 in Vancouver, working with the Institute for the Future as we continue to grow & build connections and partnerships around the world.

We worked with the Institute for the Future to create an interactive session that sparked debate and discussion on how education and training should innovate to enable young people to thrive in a rapidly-changing future economy.

Photo: Jason Redmond / TED

Feedback from this event, along with others, will culminate in the presentation of the Institute for the Future’s findings at this year’s annual Misk Global Forum in November.

Ideas discussed at the event included:

  • The need to help young people to be comfortable with uncertainty, with experimenting and with failing;
  • The need for young people to be very self-aware to respond creatively to situations;
  • How to provide young people with the skills needed to navigate technological change in a way that mitigates negative impacts, ensures social and emotional intelligence and reduces stress;
  • The immediate need to shape the way technology affects young people and the economy rather than being reactive;
  • The skills that might emerge naturally and how young people, due to their comfort with change, might teach older generations to better navigate developments.
    Photo: Jason Redmond / TED

Dylan Hendricks, Director of the Institute for the Future’s Future 50 Program, said, “At the working lunch we’re announcing our partnership with the Misk Global Forum to develop a set of Global Future Skills for youth. We’ll be holding workshops similar to the one we held here at TED in Nigeria, Germany and Saudi Arabia in order to further our research and develop this work. It will culminate in us reporting back at the Misk Global Forum’s annual event in Riyadh in November where we’ll publish a toolkit that aims to provide young people, educational institutions, businesses and others with an accessible way to grapple with the scope and speed of change in the knowledge economy and to provide practical pathways for moving forward.”

 Photo: Jason Redmond / TED

Lisa Choi Owens, Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Partnerships at TED, said of the event:

“TED is proud to partner with an organization that not only envisions a youth-driven future but is taking active, measurable steps to ensure that this future becomes a reality.”

Misk also continued its innovative Tomorrow’s Jobs art project during TED2018. Misk has commissioned a concept artist to create two pieces of art depicting jobs of the future, inspired by the debate during the working lunch.

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