Misk Global Forum – key themes of the event

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Time: May 24, 2018

We are excited to introduce you to the four main themes of this year’s Misk Global Forum, which is all about how young people can best meet the challenge of change in 2017.

This year’s event will look across the spectrum of challenges, examining the opportunities that exist within each, in these four broad categories:


From health and wellbeing to media consumption and smart investing, what will it take to lead the good life over the long term?


In the age of intelligent machines, what new working structures will emerge?

What is the payoff between more traditional forms of employment and the more dynamic freelancing opportunities that are becoming increasingly prevalent?


When change is constant, how best to integrate the right lifelong learning subjects and practices in order to achieve success?


How can people engage with their communities to deliver wider and more sustained positive impacts?

By exploring these four categories and all the questions that arise from them, our audience of young leaders, innovators, policy makers and thinkers will be able to explore in depth the challenges facing young people in today’s changing world.

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