Misk sculptors leave their mark on Riyadh

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Time: November 02, 2018      

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Visitors at the Misk International Sculpture Symposium. (AN photo/ Bashir Saleh)

RIYADH: Professional sculptors from 13 countries are leaving no stone unturned as they create original artworks in Riyadh as part of the Misk International Sculpture Symposium.
The 21 sculptors have gathered in the Saudi capital to create art pieces from locally sourced marble blocks during the three-week project.
Artists from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Lebanon, Morocco, Jordan, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, China and South Korea are taking part in the symposium. The sculptors worked on black and white stone sculptures.
The symposium, curated by Saudi sculptor Ali Al-Tokhais, will continue until Nov. 3.
Al-Tokhais told Arab News that his artistic beginnings began when he was a student. “At the last elementary stages, I became passionate about art. I involved myself in activities that were happening in Al-Dawadmi City. During my intermediate school period, my interest in art increased and I continued to take part in more activities.
“The Institute of Art Education for Teachers was the only means for me to satisfy my taste, to enjoy and to refine my talents.”
Al-Tokhais attended a course for Saudi sculptors in Al-Dawadmi and, later, took part in national and international events.
Now, with almost 40 years’ experience as an artist, he said: “The sculptor does not stop at any material — whatever material is available he must adjust himself with. The marble and granite mountains near the city of Al-Dawadmi gave me the freedom to use marble. It is a beautiful material, and when polished it gives amazing results.”
Al-Tokhais said the symposium had been formed “because we were keen to bring sculptors to add international creations in Riyadh.
“The Misk Foundation commissioned me to research, prepare and supervise this symposium. We chose a group of distinguished sculptors on an international level. And in a short time, we were able to produce about 21 sculptures by artists from around the world.”
Misk Arts 2018 offers an opportunity for artists to develop professionally in various areas by promoting education through interactive discussions. It also allows for the exchange of skills and direct learning in areas such as design, painting, music, architecture and filmmaking.


This article was first published in Arab News

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