Moderate Muslim conference reaches out to counter extremism

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August 24, 2018

Compassion, kindness and affection are prominent characteristics in Islam. (Social media)

  • The objective behind the conference is to raise the awareness levels of the Ummah
  • The theme of the conference highlights the concepts of mercy and consideration in Islam

MINA- Five hundred Muslim scholars from 67 countries took part in the Muslim World League conference entitled “The Concept of Mercy and Consideration in Islam” on Wednesday at the MWL building in Mina.
Adel Al-Harbi, the league’s spokesman, said that the objective behind the conference is to raise the awareness levels of the Ummah and start implementing the solutions to the problems it faces within a scientific, conscious and responsible framework.
He added that the conference discusses two important themes: “Mercy and consideration: Meanings and milestones” as well as “Mercy and Consideration: Evidence and impact.”
He pointed out that the theme of the conference highlights the concepts of mercy and consideration in Islam; which are unquestionably an integral part of the religion, practiced by the Ummah, visible in its intellect and behavior as a clear reflection of the message of Islam, which came as mercy and benevolence for the worlds.
Al-Harbi stressed that compassion, kindness and affection are prominent characteristics in Islam and are present in its rulings, ethics, customs and traditions of those who adhere to it. These characteristics are practiced with ease and spontaneity and without any burden, which serves as a proof that they are very much a part of the Islamic civilization the culture of Muslims and this cannot be missed by a keen unbiased observer.
In conclusion, Al-Harbi said that the MWL extends its thanks to King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for their keenness to provide the best services to the guests’ of the Two Holy Mosques.
President of the Islamic and Cultural Center in Porto, Portugal, Abdul Rehman Manga, told Arab News that MWL is doing very important work in combatting extremism.
“Extremism cannot be associated with Islam and Muslim. Islam means peace, and peace is a name of Allah. The league is doing a great job in introducing Islam to those who know nothing about it,” said Manga.
Manga added that this year’s theme demonstrated how Muslims should be merciful to all mankind.
“Millions from around the globe have responded to the call of Allah to perform Hajj to the holy sites and they are behaving in mercy toward each other, as Allah, the most Merciful, has demanded them to act,” he said.
Mohammed El-Noubi, Professor of comparative literature at Kyushu University, in Fukuoka, Japan, said that all Islamic organizations worldwide work under the nongovernmental MWL umbrella.
“We came from Islamic and non-Islamic countries not only to perform Hajj but also to sit together in order to exchange views and experiences. With its lectures, the MWL adds a lot to our knowledge,” El-Noubi added.
“We are here equal in the Hajj; no difference between the poor and the rich, nor is there a variation between an old person and a young one. Moreover, the Hajj event is not only for performing Hajj, but is rather a give-and-take occasion or trade-in, but also to exchange ideas about the moderation of Islam,” he said.
“Islam urges its followers to show mercy to plants, animals and even the materials that we use. It is enough to say that Allah is the most Merciful, the most Gracious,” El-Noubi said.
Mohammed Shishah, a Portuguese language instructor at Lisbon University, Portugal, said that the conference plays a major role in fighting extremism and in countering media lies about Islam.
“The MWL is doing its best to show the true bright image of Islam. It has been clarifying and explaining to the whole world that Islam is not what (it) is being introduced (as being) in the western media channels,” he added.
Head of the Mauritanian Sahara Media Group, Abdullah Mohammadi told Arab News that the MWL has succeeded in gathering big names from the Muslim world.
“This elite group of scholars can help come up with ideas to reduce calamities in the Islamic nations. The MWL has succeeded in choosing the right topic for this conference to discuss,” he said.
Mohammedi said that Muslims urgently need to embrace moderation, which is what the true teachings of Islam are based on.
“The deviant ideologies have spread a sort of terrorism that is treating Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The MWL is playing a major role in fighting these divergent ideologies and spreading moderation. We should all support the League in spreading the moderate message of Islam,” he said.
Mohammedi pointed out that deviant groups in the west are fueling Islamophobia. “This needs be encountered through huge field efforts to explain to the western people what Islam really is. For this cause, we need speakers with good command of western languages and convincing mentalities to persuade both the elite and ordinary people with the moderate teaching of Islam and how peaceful we are,” he said.

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