Modernity, authenticity are ‘main pillars’ of Islamic thought

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Time: July 06, 2019

Muslim World League Secretary-General Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa speaks during a conference in Dakar. (SPA)
  • MWL conference in Dakar called for building a mind capable of comprehending Islamic sciences and confronting extremists

DAKAR: The Muslim World League (MWL) concluded its international conference on “Islamic thought: Approach and message,” which took place in the Senegalese capital of Dakar.
The conference was attended by African scientists and intellectuals, who argued the importance of people being guided by faith, the values of civilization, human progress and seeking to live a carefree and dignified life.
They called for building a mind capable of comprehending Islamic sciences and confronting extremist and violent ideas and their negative developments.
Moustapha Niass, president of the National Assembly of Senegal, praised the MWL for launching their programs designed to promote scientific and intellectual communication with different people and cultures.
The secretary-general of the MWL, Dr. Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, underlined the league’s keenness to promote the true principles of Islam that call for moderation and confronting hatred and extremism.
He pointed out that Islamic thought has enlightened the world with its mercy, humanity, justice, openness and tolerance, stressing that modernity and authenticity are the main pillars of Islamic thought. Al-Issa underscored the importance of Islamic moderation to fight ideological extremism.
He also called for raising awareness about the importance of understanding religious texts and their significance, saying that Shariah rules and fatwas change with times and circumstances. He invited scholars to support the formation of a good Muslim personality, especially for Muslim youths.
Sheikh Mbaye Niang, minister of religious affairs, noted that Islamic thought is characterized by open and flexible creations and properties guided by Islam.
He said that the conference is held within a global context marked by the escalation of violence in its various forms. “Many scientists and researchers have become more aware that this is the result of an intellectual crisis that has escalated and resulted in extremism and terrorism,” he added.
Soham El-Wardini, mayor of Dakar, thanked MWL for organizing the conference, hailing its pivotal role in promoting the values of moderation, especially in the face of extremist ideas. “Islamic thought extends bridges of communication with everyone confidently and capably,” she said.
A cooperation agreement was signed between the MWL and the High Authority of Waqf in Senegal covering the activation of endowments to promote and develop charity activities and the culture of philanthropy in Senegal.

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