My Clinic lands two new global recognitions in health care

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Time: 05 February, 2020

Eman Serafi, marketing and business development head at My Clinic.

My Clinic, a Saudi health care company, has been recognized once again for its services as a local health care powerhouse in 2019. For the second year in a row, International Finance Magazine awarded My Clinic with two accolades: “Best Clinic for Patient Care and Patient Experience” and “Most Innovative Corporate Wellness Initiative.”

The awards ceremony, which was recently held in Dubai, honored the winners of each category following a thorough evaluation led by an independent panel of certified research experts. The magazine collects data for each category and names the best performing entities who undergo a series of assessments prior to being titled winners in their respective lines of business.

“We have always strived to exceed expectations and provide our patients with the best possible services out there. We are pleased to be present here today and to be acknowledged for the second consecutive year as a top performer in Saudi and the region,” said Fehr Nazer, general manager of My Clinic. “We are proud to be named one of the best Saudi health care companies that abide by the highest global standards. We will also ensure a steady flow of excellent services easily accessible to all patients alike.”

He added: “Our patients stand at the top of our priorities. Since the company’s inception, we have made sure to employ a highly competent medical team that can attend to their needs. Today’s win reaffirms our commitment toward them, taking it a step further with the introduction of a myriad of innovative e-services that are both swift and accurate.”

Eman Serafi, marketing and business development head at My Clinic, said: “My Clinic is one of the very few in the market to have launched state-of-the-art health care programs curated to corporate businesses and their teams. It is within our mandate to provide them with a detailed report following the analysis of their health status. Our team of experts from doctors to consultants then recommend their interactive preventive and educational programs which are in turn carried on by the marketing team. The latter would fine-tune the programs prior to delivering the final material to our employees.”

This article was first published in Arab News

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