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Time: 01 February, 2020


is one of the ambitious and progressively growing companies operating across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and internationally with sustainable growth in the marketplace. The group sees the years ahead a tremendous opportunity to lead the market in the field of: Real Estate, Property development, Construction, Facility Management and many other.

NHC At A Glance


is one of the ambitious and progressively growing companies operating across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The group sees the years ahead a tremendous opportunity to lead the market in the field of real estate industry involving: buying and selling of lands and real estate properties; contracting business for construction/turnkey projects and real estate development; and construction/ project, facilities, and properties management services. NAJEEB ABDULLATIF ALISSA HOLDING COMPANY (NHC) is conceptualized to be the main umbrella of all the existing business ventures of Sheikh Najeeb Alissa, incubator of potential business opportunities, and orchestrator of all business ventures in process.

In addressing the market needs while tapping the vast potential for business and economic growth, NAJEEB ABDULLATIF ALISSA HOLDING COMPANY (NHC) aimed to focus on the following major areas:

  • General investment
  • Real Estate and Property Development
  • Real Estate and Properties Marketing
  • Contracting and Specialized Projects
  • Project Management Services
  • Properties and Facilities Management
  • Engineering and Design Consulting

Related Companies

In the context of NHC’s operation, two major companies: Specialized Project Company (SPC) and Medad Makkah Real Estate Co. Ltd (MMC) have been established and are progressively operating. Other companies which will form part of the holding group are now in the pipeline.

Medad Project Managment

MPC known as Medad Project Management Company, part of Najeeb Al Eissa Holding Company ( NHC ), MPC was founded in July 2009 by a team of expertise in the industry of Engineering & Construction Consultancy service with a strategic objective to cover the gap of professional project management services in the local market of the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia and the region as to strive for a professional specialized Project Management Consultancy services to support all entities in the industry of construction and real estate development backed up by the group subsidiaries companies from contracting, consultancy engineering services, real estate & development consultancy and facility management consultancy with the support of several regional and international alliances for specialized projects.
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Medad Makkah Real Estate Company Limited

MEDAD MAKKAH was founded in 2009  with a vision of becoming one of the leading  flagship companies in Saudi Arabia known for real estate and tourism development, the first choice in the industry as strategic partner and provider of best packages and solutions for pilgrims & visitors.
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Specialized Projects Co. LTD

SPC is a former member of Abdullatif Alissa Group of Company Ltd. It was formed as a result of restructuring of erstwhile contracting division of Abdullatif Ali Alissa Establishment which started its contracting business since 1990.
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Group Overview

Group’s operation are as follows:

  • Property Tred buying and selling of lands and real estate properties in the main cities throughout the Kingdom.
  • Contracting business for development & construction of commercial & residential buildings, villas, towers, and related infrastructure projects fully supported with a stand alone ready mix concrete plant
  • The group is in the process of establishing a Construction / Project management company and now on the stage of exploring and discussing association with potential partners in the field. Operating on its own, this company will serve the group and other projects in the market.
  • The group is looking into the spin-off of the ready mix plant operation as a stand alone business serving the group and the market in general.
  • Real Estate development in Makkah, and other cities in the Kingdom as found feasible based solely on green site lands acquired by the company. These projects will include: hotels development and operations, residential infrastructures development and operations, and shopping and related commercial centers development and operations.
  • In the near future, the group is looking to establish a company engaged in facilities and properties management and other related activities complementary and will add superior value to the overall operations.

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