New rules set to organize seminars, lectures in Saudi Arabia

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SOURCE: Arab News

Time: April 02, 2018

JEDDAH: Prince Sultan bin Salman, president of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) has issued new rules and procedures for organizing seminars, training courses, meetings and workshops, with the aim of advancing and expanding this growing industry in Saudi Arabia.
Tariq Al-Essa, executive director of Saudi Exhibition and Convention Bureau, said these rules and procedures are based on high professional and technical standards aiming at quality, just and fair competition among the organizers of conferences and commercial exhibitions, and encouraging them to invest in Saudi Arabia.
“In addition, the general conditions regulate that Arabic is the official language of the conference; other languages may be used, provided arrangement for interpretation of them in Arabic is present,” Al-Essa said. “The number attendees in the conference shall not be less than (50) people.”
He added: “Duration of a conference should be at least four hours and not more than seven days. The conferences should be hosted in licensed conference halls, or conference halls within universities, halls and lounges inside hotels, or venues where conferences are allowed.”
Al-Essa said tourist or entertainment events can be organized to accompany the conference, taking into account the regulations. In dealing with workshops, organizers must apply for initial approval through the portal of the program four days before its commencement with a processing time of two working days.
As for lectures and training courses, the organizer must apply for the license at least 90 days in advance. Applications will be processed within seven working days.


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