New Saudi tourism app offers 3 innovative technology solutions

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Time: October 15, 2018   

Rijal Alma heritage village in Asir Province. (SPA)
RIYADH: Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) launched on Monday the Holo Journey project as the first application in the world integrating three innovative technology solutions for enhancing the tourism experience and national heritage.
The SCTH’s Vice President for Support, Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Mohammed Al-Sheikh, stressed that the achievement has come in line with the vision of SCTH’s President Prince Sultan bin Salman, in adopting and keeping abreast of the latest technologies to serve the tourism and the national heritage sector in the Kingdom.
Saudi Arabia’s vision on the tourism sector is based on its basic values and culture, followed by the economic importance and regional and international weight it enjoys.
Separately, Prince Sultan inspected the ongoing work to develop Rijal Alma village in Asir region recently.
He met the team assigned to implement urgent projects and development to register the village on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The Saudi leadership aims to make the Kingdom a distinctive tourist destination, Prince Sultan said.
The tourism sector represents a new economic resource that will provide thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities, he added.
Prince Sultan praised the people of Asir region, particularly those who live in Rijal Alma, for their belief in preserving national heritage.
The village will be transformed into a global tourist attraction, highlighting Asir’s history and heritage, he said.
The village of Rijal Alma had won the Prince Sultan bin Salman Award for Urban Heritage in 2007 and has become a tourist destination for those visiting the region of Asir. This importance comes as a result of the numerous historical, cultural, heritage and natural factors, and the hospitality and culture of its residents.
The SCTH, since its inception, has accorded a great deal of attention to Asir as a major tourist destination, he added.
Initiatives include “tourism projects and activities on the Red Sea, the rehabilitation of heritage sites and villages, the establishment of museums,” and “the stimulation of tourism and hotel investment,” Prince Sultan said.

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