Nourah Alzaid, general manager of the secretariat of the National Committee of Digital Transformation in KSA

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Time: 19 May, 2020

Nourah Alzaid

Nourah Alzaid has been general manager of the secretariat of the National Committee of Digital Transformation since May 2019.

Her expertise is in finance, digital transformation, commercial operations and customer relationships.

Alzaid obtained a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature at King Saud University in 2010. After her graduation, she joined GE Healthcare, a global medical technology and digital solutions innovator.

Within two years of joining the company, she became a business operations specialist. She also served as business operations leader and in July 2014, she was promoted to commercial operations leader.

In October 2015, Alzaid became manager of GE’s center in Saudi Arabia for global operations. One of her main responsibilities was to improve the productivity of the Saudi team so as to meet the company’s global standards. Eight months later, she became a senior program manager.

In May 2018, she served as government affairs and policy leader for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, where she worked as a liaison between the company and the two government entities.

In October 2018, Alzaid joined Baker Hughes as government affairs and policy director. After eight months, she joined the National Digital Transformation Unit.

On Sunday, Alzaid participated in a virtual meeting organized by the Communications and Information Technology Commission to mark World Telecommunication and Information Society Day. She highlighted the importance of encouraging partnership between government bodies and the private sector to achieve desired national goals.

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