Princess Nouf bint Mohammed, chair of the Civil Society 20

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Princess Nouf bint Mohammed is the chair of the Civil Society 20 (C20), one of the eight independent engagement groups of the G20. According to the C20 website, the group “provides a platform of Civil Society Organizations around the world to bring forth a nongovernment and nonbusiness voice” and “provides a space through which CSOs can contribute in a structured and sustained manner to the G20.”
Recently, the C20 virtual summit convened amid calls for world leaders to make bold reforms and commit to health, education and social protection investments, while taking ambitious steps toward climate action and biodiversity protection. More than 4,000 civil society leaders, representing 109 countries, discussed their concerns and demands ahead of the G20 Summit next month.
Princess Nouf has been the CEO of the King Khalid Foundation (KKF) since 2019 and is the chairperson of the Saudi ADHD Society and a member of the Al-Nahda Society for Women. She is a committed philanthropist and a strong supporter of Saudi civil society. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with a degree in business management. She has represented the KKF and the Saudi ADHD Society in several international civil society meetings. The Saudi ADHD Society is a nonprofit organization that supports and provides services to people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).
Over her 24 years with the KKF, Princess Nouf has played an essential role in shaping the foundation’s finances, activities, and its strategic direction, “focusing on creating equal opportunities and prosperity in Saudi Arabia as well as the Foundation’s engagements and support for the nonprofit sector,” according to the C20 site.

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