Qasr Al-Farid, a largest single rock in Saudi Arabia’s AlUla

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The Saudi tourist destination of AlUla reopened its doors to visitors on Friday, and will remain available and packed with outdoor activities throughout the year. Visitors do not have to wait for a season to visit AlUla; they can now visit the ancient site at any time. The destination will be ready for international visitors, too, when travel restrictions are lifted next year.
Qasr Al-Farid, one of the largest existing tombs, is among the main attractions. Its name reveals its uniqueness as a single rock independent of the other palaces or tombs.
The tomb is unique because it was left incomplete and there are no signs of burial sites inside. While most graves have two columns, Al-Farid has four with Nabatean crowns on the front.
The palace contains a pagan symbol, the eagle, in front of the gate. The Nabateans were known to be polytheists.

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