Riyadh to host Korea-Arab cultural jamboree

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Time: October 12, 2018   

A hip-hop inspired dance to be performed in Riyadh on Sunday. (AN photo)
  • The program of activities is geared toward children and young people

RIYADH: The Korea-Arab Friendship Caravan will arrive in Riyadh on Sunday. The touring event, a major cultural jamboree organized by the Seoul-based Korea-Arab Society, will feature a feast of traditional Korean entertainment, including music and dance.

“Inspired by the old tradition of the caravans that connected the West and the East through the Silk Road, the Korea-Arab Society has been organizing a cultural caravan that tours Middle Eastern countries to promote mutual understanding and communication between Korea and the Arab world,” said South Korean Ambassador Jo Byung-Wook.

“The cultural caravan comes to Riyadh this year with more than 30 Korean artists who will stage a variety of cultural performances, including dance and Korean music.”

The program of activities is geared toward children and young people, he said. It includes performances of Gugak, the traditional Korean national music, which has been performed for generations and traces the history and culture of Korea.

Other highlights include performances of Samdo Seoljanggu and Janggu percussion-style music, which will feature slow and fast rhythms that showcase both harmonization and individualism, and Yeonheungmu, which is based on a traditional form of dance that uses improvization to tell a story about women enjoying a sunny spring day.

This article was first published in Arab News

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