Saudi anti-corruption authority probes 218 cases

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Time: 11 August, 2020

JEDDAH: Saudi Arabia’s Control and Anti- Corruption Authority (Nazaha) has initiated 218 criminal cases in different sectors.

According to a report posted on its official Twitter account, the cases are related to fraud, bribery, and financial and professional corruption.

One of the cases involves the arrest of a businessman in the Eastern Province and 10 citizens, including a current member of the Shoura Council, a former judge,

a current notary, a former bank employee, a former district police chief, a former customs director for an airport, and several retired officers (who were not arrested due to their health conditions).

The businessman bribed them during their period of services
to the tune of more than SR20 million.

Other cases involve the arrest of a director of a port and several employees, a commander of one of the security sectors with the rank of a major general, four
of his subordinates, and the financial representative of the Ministry of Finance. A former governor has also been held
on graft charges. The anti-graft body seeks to activate measures aimed at preventing, combating, and exposing corruption in all its forms, as well as all related crimes and prosecuting perpetrators.

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