Saudi Arabia ‘deploys all efforts’ to fight corruption, attorney general says

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Time: March 01, 2019

Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Mua’jab

RIYADH: Attorney General Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Mua’jab has said that the Kingdom has deployed all efforts to fight corruption, in accordance with the provisions and regulations of Islamic law (Shariah).

During his regular meeting with service chiefs of corruption cases, Al-Mua’jab noted these departments’ achievements, which had an influence on preserving integrity, promoting confidence and transparency in all procedures undertaken.

“The attorney general’s office has gained the trust of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman who have constantly supported the office and the procedures it has taken to combat and eliminate corruption,” he said. “The office issued royal decree No. 24242 on Feb. 6, 2018, which approves establishing departments specialized in corruption cases at the attorney general’s office and undertaking the investigation and prosecution of those cases, and these departments are directly linked to the attorney general. This shows the responsibility the attorney general’s office has been entrusted with.”

“This great task of fighting and eradicating corruption is the essence of the work that you were entrusted with and the mission we have been assigned to achieve with dedication and competence,” he said.

He said that everyone knew of the efforts of the attorney general’s office in fighting corruption, which have been acclaimed by the international community.

Al-Mua’jab also requested dedication and diligence to complete investigation procedures with competence and efficiency to meet the expectations of the leadership in eradicating this menace, in accordance with high-accuracy plans and strategies and in conformity with Saudi Vision 2030.


This article was first published in Arab News

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