Saudi Arabia’s Al-Ablaa : A site of archaeological treasures

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May 26, 2018

    • Al-Ablaa Center contains many treasures
    • Asir attracts people who are interested in archeology and history

    JEDDAH: The northwestern and western towns in Asir province are renowned for their large number of historical sites and villages that host Islamic and pre-Islamic monuments and gold mines.
    One of the most important sites is Al-Ablaa Center, which contains many treasures that are still being investigated by archeologists.
    Al-Ablaa is a white mountain overlooking Ranya Valley. The mountain’s name has come to include neighboring archaeological sites that are famous for the presence of a market during the pre-Islamic era.
    The market’s remnants are still visible, and the mountain is surrounded by villages and a gold mine.

    This article was first published in  Arab News

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