Saudi Arabia’s Hajj Health Adviser program to serve pilgrims

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Time: July 22, 2019  

Sample tweet by @saudimoh. (Screen grab from Twitter)
  • The program seeks to provide them with medical advice and guidance through the 937 Service Center
  • The Ministry of Health’s Twitter account, @saudimoh, also provides the same service

JEDDAH: The Ministry of Health is starting implementation of its annual program “Hajj Health Adviser,” in line with the ministry’s aim to protect the health and safety of pilgrims, citizens and residents.

The program seeks to provide them with medical advice and guidance through the 937 Service Center and the ministry’s account on Twitter, @saudimoh.

The program will host a group of consultants and specialists in various medical specialties on a daily basis for a week to respond to all communications and questions from those wishing to perform Hajj rituals this year.

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تشارك في من خلال التأكد من تنفيذ كافة الإشتراطات الصحية للحاج في بلده، حيث تساهم المبادرة في تقليل زمن انتظار الحجاج.

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Medical missions accompanying Hajj pilgrims from overseas countries are also following the Ministry of Health guidelines.The ministry has issued guidelines asking teams accompanying pilgrims to comply with technical requirements that include the mission having at least one physician per 1,000 pilgrims and at least 20 percent of the physicians in the medical mission having public health qualifications.

The ministry confirmed that it has not recorded any cases of epidemic or quarantinable diseases among pilgrims, and that the health situation is reassuring.

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