Saudi-based interfaith group KAICIID presents work at Global Horasis Meeting in Portugal

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Time: 10 June 2021

AICIID Secretary-General Faisal bin Muammar at the Global Horasis Meeting in Portugal. (SPA)

RIYADH: The King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz International Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) took part in the activities of the 2021 Horasis Extraordinary Meeting in Portugal.

The meeting, which was held virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic, saw the participation of policymakers, business people and organizations concerned with dialogues and human values.

KAICIID was represented by its secretary-general, Faisal bin Muammar, who, in his speech, stressed the importance of committing to the promotion of the role of religious institutions and leaders to address the challenges facing the world, shedding light on the coronavirus pandemic, which was the focus of this meeting, its lengthy prevalence, long-term repercussions and the shape of the world after recovering from it.

He reviewed the efforts KAICIID had made over the past year to address the challenges of the pandemic and activate the role of religious values and dialogue in resolving the crisis, which has claimed many lives, doubled poverty rates and increased economic and social pressures, as a result of the preventive and quarantine measures that were taken to limit the spread of the pandemic.

Bin Muammar stressed the importance of “including religious institutions and improving their ability to support policymakers and face the global challenges that could be long-lasting.”

Held every year, the Global Horasis Meeting is attended by politicians, heads of state and business leaders worldwide to share insights on cooperation, impact, innovation and sustainable growth.

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