Saudi Broadcasting Corporation’s new programs to interest all age groups

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Time: May 03, 2018

RIYADH – The Saudi Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) announced today the new programs plan, which it is scheduled to launch on Ramadan 1, 1439H, on Saudi TV and the new SBC TV channel.

Through the new plan the SBC aims to present objective programs that suit the traditions and values of Saudi family and keeps pace with the spirit of development and improvement launched by Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

The programs will also address the interest of the new generation.

The SBC channel programs will include local and Arab serials.

The programs will be presented under the supervision of Saudis, who have been well-trained for this purpose.

SBC will present exclusive local serials.

These include “Share Chat” in which Saudi comedians Rashed Al-Shamarani, Fayiz Al-Malki and Hassan Asiri will star. It will deal with the contradictions in society in a humorous way.

The exclusive serial “Bidoon Filter” (Without a Filter), in which comedy actors Abdullah Al-Sadhan, Saad Al-Faraj and Muhammad Al-Tuwayyan will star. It will deal with the problems of the Saudi society.

The second part of the SBC exclusive objective program (Bilmagloob) meaning “upside down”, to be presented by Yasser Al-Saggaf, will clear misconceptions and wage a war against negative conduct society.

The exclusive dialogue program (Taali Al-Layl), part two, to be presented by Ahmed Al-Hamid, will focus on interviewing well-known personalities of the Saudi society.

The serial “Hakaya94”, a program with a sports flavor, will highlight the progress of the Saudi national team in 1994 and the most important events in its march.

Cartoons for adults entitled “Durar” and the program “Halatuna Halah” will be presented by social media star Khaled Al-Faraj.

The SBC management has made sure that the experiences of the Saudi youth are highlighted in several programs, including “Kafu”, and “Jawaiz Saudiah” (Saudi prizes).

There will be programs on cookery of interest to women. They include the program “Luqmah wa basmah”, to be presented by social media star Basma Al-Khreiji.

Three religious programs will be hosted by Sheikh Abdulrahman Al-Sudais, who will focus on Ramadan conduct, while Sheikh Saleh Al-Maghamisi will focus on tafseer (interpretation) of the verses of the Holy Qur’an. In the third program, entitled “Minarat”, Ahmed Al-Rammah will focus on live field reports on 30 of the most famous historic mosques in the world.

SBC will also present several exclusive Arabic soap serials, including “Awalim Khafiyyah” starring Adel Imam, “Ladayna aqwaal ukhra” starring the actress Yusra, the serial “Bihajm al-aili” starring Yahya Al-Fakhrani and “Ikhtifaa” serial with the actress Nilli Kareem starring.

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