Saudi Crown Prince spends 51% of his income to other people

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Time: April 02,2018

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman admitted  in an interview with CBS, to being rich but not Gandhi or Mandela. “My personal life represents what I want to leave to myself, and I do not try to draw the attention of others to it. If some newspapers want to say something about it, that’s the way it is,

“As for my personal accord, I am a rich person and not a poor person. I am not a Gandhi or Mandela. I am a member of the ruling family that existed hundreds of years before the foundation of Saudi Arabia . We have very large tracts of land. 10 or 20 years “.

“What I’m doing is spending part of my personal imports on charity, paying at least 51 percent of my income to people and 49 percent on myself.”

This article was first published in The New Saudi Arabia

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