Saudi female lawyers win new legal powers

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SOURCE: Arab News

Time: March 12, 2018


JEDDAH: From Monday, women can obtain a notarization permit that allows them to assume some of the functions of public notaries.
The Justice Ministry is finalizing formal procedures to receive women’s applications to procure a notarization permit upon completion of the pre-requisites.
“Women will now have the same legal tasks previously granted to their male colleagues, including the issuance of a power of attorney,” lawyer Majed Garoub told Arab News.
“Women and men are equal under Saudi law. Granting women various licenses is a matter of equality.”
This decision “will lead to greater appreciation of women’s role and status in judicial and legal work, considering that the license was, historically, for men only,” Garoub said.
Female lawyers wishing to be licensed will undergo the same procedures as their male counterparts.
“There will be the application period, followed by an educational course, then an examination interspersed with a personal interview, which will end with granting the license to the lawyers who pass the course and test,” Garoub said.
This decision “should be seen as part of a comprehensive vision for women in the legal and judicial sector, which includes the public prosecution, the Justice Ministry, courts, regulatory bodies, the traffic department and the Board of Grievances to ensure greater inclusion of female lawyers in Saudi society.”
Meanwhile, the ministry announced an increase in the number of licensed male notaries to 1,161 upon the launch of the electronic notary service.
The service entitles the issuance of power-of-attorney documents, as well as authentication and annulment of business contracts, through private sector bureaus day and night throughout the week.
The ministry indicated its intention to launch a training program for 857 notarization permit applicants who do not belong to the legal profession and are currently unemployed.
The number of premises operating in the electronic system for notaries has reached 738, the ministry said, adding that beneficiaries can access the nearest notary via


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