Saudi-German jazz concert to be held in Riyadh

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Apr 26, 2018

RIYADH – A Saudi-German jazz fusion concert will be held in the Kingdom’s capital on Friday at 8:30 p.m. at the King Fahad Cultural Center. The concert, an initiative by the General Culture Authority, is being organized in cooperation with the German Embassy and will bring together two musicians from Saudi Arabia and three musicians from Germany.

The initiative seeks to present free jazz improvisation on musical themes originating from Europe and Saudi Arabia and is the first fusion concert of its kind to be held in the Kingdom.

The event will highlight the benefits of fusing German and Saudi culture through the universal language of music. The musicians from Riyadh are Mohammad Mahmoud Hakeem and Sultan Abdulmohsin Alfard, while the musicians form Berlin are Birgitta Flick, Max Andrzejewski and James Banner.

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