Saudi girl wins US Taekwondo championship golden medal

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Time: October 23, 2018     

A Saudi girl saw her dream come true by winning the golden medal in the Taekwondo championship in the US, after being trained by 75-year-old Korean coach.

The father of the eight-year-old Saudi girl, Kinda al-Maawi, spoke to Al Arabiya, he said: “My daughter started learning Taekwondo in 2015 in Tennessee, and her first official participation was in 2017, where she won first place in a competition between eight states.”

He also talked about the beginning of Kinda’s passion towards Taekwondo saying: “She loved it since she was five-years-old. Her passion started after watching some cartoons about the sport, so we signed her up with a specialized club, and she took it from there with winning championships.”

Kinda’s father reassured his support to her until she becomes and international player.

This article was first published in Al Arabiya English  

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