Saudi ministry planning special services for persons with disabilities

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SOURCE: Arab News

Time: April 16, 2018


RIYADH: The Ministry of Labor and Social Development has organized an event in Riyadh to increase awareness about people with disabilities.
Al-Hejab bin Ahmed Al-Hazmi, deputy minister for social care and family, said the ministry is keen on developing services for persons with disabilities.
Al-Hazmi said the ministry is taking measures to increase awareness among the public on ways to care for persons with disabilities in an effective manner. The ministry organized the second edition of the Health Festival for Persons with Disabilities in collaboration with the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) at the Alfaisal University.
The main focus of the event was to discuss ways to ensure better integration of persons with disabilities in society.
A large number of children with disabilities attended the event with their families. Special arrangements were made for thorough medical checkups. Health specialists examined the children to ensure their mental and physical well-being are satisfactory.
Al-Hazmi thanked the sponsors, partners, and volunteers for their efforts in achieving the goals set for this initiative and serving their fellow humans who require special attention.
Khulood Al-Shaya, director of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Unit at the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, said the festival is part of her department’s efforts, made in partnership with the private sector, to ensure the mental and physical safety of persons with disabilities.
She said that the festival examined about 300 children with disabilities with the help of 200 male and female volunteers in the medical and organizational fields.
“They assisted health professionals to examine the children, as they cannot express what they feel because of their disabilities,” she said.
The children also had a great time with their families enjoying the recreational activities.
The ministry recently launched a service that allows persons with disabilities to electronically apply for financial assistance through the ministry’s e-services offered on its website.
The service aims to offer financial support to persons with disabilities as well as facilitating communication between the ministry and the beneficiaries.


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