Saudi project clears 148,427 mines planted by Houthis in Yemen

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Land mines cleared by the Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance (MASAM) in Yemen are displayed at a camp in Yemen. (SPA photo)

RIYADH: The Saudi Project for Landmine Clearance (MASAM) in Yemen dismantled 14 anti-personnel mines, 310 anti-tank mines, two explosive devices and 2,637 unexploded ordnance — totaling 2,963 mines — during the first week of March.

A total of 148,427 mines have been extracted since the beginning of the project. More than 1.1 million mines have been planted by Iranian-backed Houthi militias in Yemen over the past three years, claiming hundreds of civilian lives.

MASAM aims to dismantle mines in Yemen to protect civilians and ensure that urgent humanitarian supplies are delivered safely. Houthis are developing anti-vehicle mines and turning them into anti-personnel explosives to intimidate and terrorize civilians.

The vast number of land mines continues to pose a threat to Yemeni people.

This article was first published in Arab News

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