Scholars gathering in Makkah stress importance of moderate Islamic discourse

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Time: May 29, 2019   

Speakers called for reuniting the ranks of the Muslim nation so that no one can undermine it. (AN photo by Tareq Al-Thaqafi)
  • Scholars praise Kingdom’s role in reuniting Muslims
  • The former mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mustafa Ibrahim: “We have come to support Saudi Arabia in its attempts to unite Muslims, strengthen relations and promote moderation”

MAKKAH: Scientists and intellectuals on the second day of sessions of the Makkah conference on the Islamic values of moderation, stressed the importance of moderate Islamic discourse and preserve the rights of minorities in non-Muslim countries.
They also hailed the active role of the Kingdom in reuniting Muslims, rejecting extremism, instilling moderate discourse and preserving the rights of Muslims and keeping them away from terrorism.
Dr. Ahmed Al-Dubyan, director general of the Islamic Cultural Center in London, noted that the conference organized by the Muslim World League convenes in difficult conditions witnessed throughout the Muslim world, which have been caused by an intellectual deviation that resulted in scourges, calamities, deviation in thoughts and attacking others.
Mohamed Salah Dinov, president of the Islamic Council of Russia, called for inculcating common denominators linking Muslims at the economic, cultural and social levels.
Scholars called for reuniting the ranks of the Islamic nation so that no one can destabilize and undermine it. This can be achieved by rejecting turmoil, encouraging moderation and equality, communicating with each other, strengthening the bonds of love between Muslims and fighting the wrong perceptions about Islam.
They also called on all Muslims to study their religion properly as sent down by Allah, a religion of love, moderation and authentic values that have contributed to the spread of Islam around the world.
Earlier on the first day of the event, the mufti of Tripoli and northern Lebanon, Sheikh Malik Al-Shaar, said the conference responds to all the conspiracies being plotted against Islam and Muslims.


• Preservation of minorities’ rights stressed.

• Scholars want Muslims to forge unity among their ranks.

• Muslims urged to study their religion objectively.

Al-Shaar said that the words spoken at the conference were fit to be a curriculum contemplated by intellectuals and scholars.
He stressed that the Qur’an addressed the other, acknowledged their existence and established a common goal for coexistence.
The former mufti of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mustafa Ibrahim, highlighted the importance of Muslim unity and said: “We have come to support Saudi Arabia in its attempts to unite Muslims, strengthen relations and promote moderation.”
Alfredo Milesi, the Italian minister for Middle Eastern affairs at the International Parliament for Safety and Peace and president of the European Muslim League, said that bringing together institutions, organizations and scholars in this holy month is a global phenomenon for which Saudi Arabia should be thanked.
He added that this conference sends a direct message to the whole world about the tolerance of Islam and the important role of Muslims in building civilized societies in Europe and the world.
Adviser to the Portuguese Minister of Defense Imran Mohammed said the conference shows the whole world that Muslims are united, which wins them the respect of the world.
He added that the importance of the timing and location of the conference, as well as its role in discarding disagreements and producing a united stance, should be taken into account.

This article was first published in Arab News

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