Shaima Saleh Al-Husseini, managing director of the Saudi for All Federation

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Time: 10 January, 2020 

Shaima Saleh Al-Husseini

Shaima Saleh Al-Husseini has been the managing director of the Saudi for All Federation (SFA) since March 2019.

More than 1,000 women recently took part in the country’s first major women’s cycling event, a three-race series held in Jeddah, Riyadh and Alkhobar.

The turnout for the competition drew praise from the SFA, which organized the event, with Al-Husseini describing the series as “historic for health and wellness in Saudi Arabia.”

Al-Husseini said that the SFA considers physical activity its “mandate,” which translates to more public competitions and events such as the women’s cycling series.

“We will continue to stage activities under the Quality of Life Program, and work hard toward our goal to get people involved in sports and activities of all types,” she added.

Al-Husseini received her bachelor’s degree in English language and literature from King Saud University, followed by a master’s degree from Boston University.

After her postgraduate studies, she became a teaching assistant at Boston University before returning to the Kingdom. In 2016, she joined the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee as manager of clubs and educational institutions in mass participation.

By January 2017, she became the General Sports Authority’s director of clubs and educational institutions in mass participation.

Al-Husseini held this role while working with the Institute of Public Administration for nine years. She began her career with them as an instructor and consultant, a role she continues today. From 2013 to 2016, she was the head of the social responsibility unit, overseeing community services.

This article was first published in Arab News

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