Smartphone application launched to improve public agencies’ services in Saudi Arabia

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Time: February 15, 2019  

  • Users can download the application to their mobile phones or use it on the Watani website (

RIYADH: A smartphone application to measure citizens’ satisfaction with government services was launched on Tuesday by the National Center for Performance Measurement (ADAA).
The Watani application, available for iPhone and Android devices, offers around 80,000 services provided by more than 30,000 government service centers in 1,150 cities and villages throughout Saudi Arabia.

It also gives Saudi citizens, residents and visitors to KSA the ability to access more than 125 electronic services provided by 22 government electronic platforms.
“Towards further transparency and accountability, the Watani application enables beneficiaries by presenting them with a platform to provide performance feedback directly to government entities. The beneficiaries’ evaluation contributes to a system of performance indicators measured by Adaa with the aim to improve the performance of all government entities and services nationally,” said Ibrahim Neyaz, the acting director general of National Center for Performance Measurement “Adaa.”
Watani app services include three tools aimed at supporting decision-makers. A “national dashboard” will be made available to Saudi princes governing districts and to heads of public agencies, to enable them to directly assess the level of satisfaction of citizens.

Saudi decision-makers will be provided with periodically updated “electronic reports” that will allow them to identify gaps in the performance of public agencies and to interact directly with beneficiaries. “Satisfaction reports” aimed at receiving data from the Watani application and other measurement tools adopted by ADAA, such as questionaires and focus groups, will be submitted directly to the Saudi prime minister.
Users can download the application to their mobile phones or use it on the Watani website (
ADAA is an independent agency presided over by Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. It aims to measure the performance of public agencies and work on improving their efficiency.

This article was first published in Arab News

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