Start-up of the Week: Laith, a chic and minimalistic brand

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May 28, 2018

JEDDAH: Laith is a chic and minimalistic brand inspired by the Parisian “10-item wardrobe” method, which encourages people to mix and match the 10 items in their closets.

The brand was designed by Saudi Arabia’s designer Jalila Nayil, and was launched in February 2018.

“Since our minds are always cluttered, and we live a very busy life, I aim to reduce stress through my collection,” she told Arab News.

“Dress up or down, you will always look elegant. It’s versatile, it’s cohesive, it’s your go-to wardrobe.”

The clothing line’s pilot collection AW2018 primary colors were black and ivory, and consisted of 31 items and different fabrics.

“They are the classiest and most universal colors — I wanted to start with the basics,” said Nayil.

She uses different fabrics for her clothing line such as crepe matte, crepe silk and velvet.

“The lining is Italian crepe de chine and 100 percent silk. Each of the fabrics is in ivory and black. I wanted to mix and match the fabric to create and focus on texture.

“I wanted to use the matte crepe to create a chic, practical look, and you will find it in the blazer, slim pants, Kaftan dress and the trench coat.

“Whereas silk crepe is more on the comfortable and elegant side, which compliments all the fabrics. You can find it in the dress, the wide-leg trousers, the crop top and the flowy top. The silk ties down both fabrics, creating a subtle contrast.

“Lastly the velvet, which gives you the ultimate luxurious appearance. You can see it in the blazer, slim pants, dress, wide-leg trousers, and trench coat,” she explained.

Nayil’s next collection SS19 is expected to consist of neutral colors. The designer said each of her collections expresses a certain theme.

“I see what is missing, what is needed and I work from there,” said Nayil, “keeping elegance in mind.”

“I want people to feel confident and free,” Nayil said.

This article was first published in  Arab News

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