Start-up of the Week: Tamashee: A luxury footwear brand that blends charity and tradition

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SOURCE: Arab News

Time: April 16, 2018


JEDDAH: Emirati Mohammed Kazim and Saudi Muneera Al-Tamimi are the brains behind Tamashee, a luxury footwear brand with a charitable element based in Dubai with multiple locations in Riyadh and Jeddah.
Tamashee has taken the Arabian sandal, commonly known as madaas or zbairiya, and revolutionized its comfort and fashion style while preserving its strong Arab cultural identity.
Kazim said: “We are reviving the forgotten cultural components in a contemporary manner.”
The brand is driven by three social aspects: “Preserving Identity,” “Representing Culture” and “Coloring Lives.” The latter is a motto attributed to its most important value, its charitable feature.
By donating some of the profits to special-needs organizations, it increases social awareness and amplifies their global voice.
Kazim understands the importance of establishing a business that continuously benefits society. For Tamashee, it is all about giving back.
Media reports quoted him as saying: “A portion of the proceeds from every purchase of a Tamashee product directly funds projects that aim to increase awareness of people with Down syndrome.”
He constantly finds product inspiration through his extensive travels. It is paramount to the brand’s identity.
He collects stories, traditional colorful design patterns, techniques and materials, and incorporates them into a product.
Examples of this can be seen in how Tamashee includes the hijri date onto every sandal, and integrates metal rings in place of the buckle for the women’s line.
The signature turquoise sole lining on its footwear products aims to revive a traditional color that was prevalent in the region’s past.
From clothing to architecture, turquoise is deeply rooted in the culture of the Arabian Peninsula.
Tamashee integrates a subtle yet culturally rich story in every collection piece. Its products are handmade in Spain using the highest-quality leathers that are both natural and naturally dyed.
The leathers — from camel, cow, ostrich and lamb skin — are collected from the UAE, Italy, South Africa and Spain, respectively.
Tamashee has expanded its product range to include leather sunglasses, shaving kits, laptop sleeves and other accessories.
Along with the online store at, its products can be found at Rubaiyat in Jeddah’s Stars Avenue Mall, and at Draft Thoughts in Riyadh’s Centria Mall.


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