Startup of the Week: Saudi photo app startup aims to spread ‘joy and happiness’

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  • “Beautiful memories can brighten our days when we remember them, so, why don’t we have them around us all the time?

A Saudi startup is aiming to spread “joy and happiness” through its new and innovative photo app. The Sticky app allows users to choose their favorite photo memories and have them delivered ready to stick on any surface without the need for nails and hooks.
Founded by Batool and Wesam Miski and Moayed Al-Shangiti in 2018, the venture makes it easy for people to decorate their homes with photos without using picture-hanging methods that can damage walls.
“It is simple, intuitive and easy to use,” Batool told Arab News. “Using the app is fun for all ages. Users can simply pick photos from their phone, adjust the photo size and then place the order.
“I love photos and art in general, but I hate drilling into walls to hang photos,” she added. “We have an innovative product where we use strong and lightweight material with high-photo quality to decorate and elevate spaces with smart and screwless photos.
“Sticky users can move photos freely between walls without worrying about hammers, screws or damaging walls.”
Batool got the idea for the app while watching an art craft video. “I saw a strong double adhesive sticker for the first time and a light bulb went on in my head and Sticky was born.
“My brother exposed me to app development and design at a young age and our co-founder Moayed is a full stack developer. My love for art and app development makes Sticky the perfect fit for me.”
Sticky prints high-quality photos on a strong and lightweight 3-centimeter-thick black board. “The photos are frameless to give a modern feel to them and they last for years.”
The startup’s female production team puts privacy as a top priority. Once an order arrives via the app, the customer receives a confirmation email and notification of the expected end product.
“When we receive the order, our team inspects the photos to make sure they’re appropriate and then we print the photos and mount them to our specialized boards.
“We don’t apply any effects to the photos once the user sends them and we delete the photos from our servers two weeks after the order date to cut costs and protect user privacy,” she added.
“Beautiful memories can brighten our days when we remember them, so, why don’t we have them around us all the time? The true goal of Sticky is to spread joy and happiness across the globe by printing wonderful memories that last forever.”

This article was first published in Arab News

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