The Entertainment Authority offers “Cirque du Soleil” to celebrate the National Day

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On the occasion of the National Day of Saudi Arabia, the General Authority for Entertainment offers one of the largest offers of the international entertainment organization “Cirque du Soleil”, in the heart of the capital Riyadh, organized by the “MBC Group”, as broadcast by MBC1 directly.


The show has seen the largest number of international circus performers at a special event breaking the record in this field, as the idea and its live paintings were designed specifically for the occasion in an unprecedented performance.


The event, which is expected to have a presence of about 27 thousand spectators, at the King Fahad International Stadium in Riyadh, a giant theater designed and built for the occasion, the length of 85 meters and 40 meters.


The show includes a series of acrobatic and aerobic reviews on stage, as well as its welcome space, so that these reviews are consistent with the idea of work and storytelling adopted, and at the same time reflect the symbolic side of this huge event.


For example, some of these reviews include air scrolls using silk ropes, roller ladders, German wheels, fire reviews, acrobatic reviews on the walls, single-wheeled bicycle shows, and dances performed by a selection of hip-hop dancers “And contemporary dance professionals, to an elite range of electric cycling professionals, not to mention individual air show shows using the airborne” Hoverboard “. In parallel, the show also includes a wide range of elements of surprise and dazzle carefully studied by leading human crews in the world of special audio-visual effects. This is designed to match the meaning of the story and simulate its symbolism in a manner consistent with the plot and increase the momentum and raise the pace of the upward.


“The Cirque du Soleil event will provide the Saudi public with international expertise and local content that will enrich the entertainment of the recipient,” said General Manager of the Public Entertainment Authority, Mr Abdulrahman bin Nasser Al Khalifa.


He pointed out the role played by the Authority in supporting and developing the entertainment industry in the Kingdom, in terms of attracting the largest and most innovative leisure companies in the Kingdom and facilitating its business functions in the Kingdom to transfer the most advanced and latest expertise in this field … In addition to its role in supporting the sector by creating competition between companies National content to enrich local entertainment content. ”


Omar Radhi, Event Manager, MBC Group, said: “The organization and establishment of such a great show was the result of the ambitious vision of the Kingdom, which instilled enthusiasm in the hearts of all those who participated in preparing for this exceptional world event that would reach and exceed international standards. , Thus celebrating the National Day in an unprecedented manner. ”


“We are proud to participate in the Saudi National Day and to give the celebration of this day a global character in every sense. The number of viewers around the world is expected to reach 200 million viewers … they will follow Saudi Arabia’s national day.”


Brief about the story of the show


As soon as the sun tends to fall over the vast sand dunes, a tribe is seen looming over the desert sands looking for a sweet oasis. Suddenly, they were suddenly attacked by a stormy sandstorm that uprooted their tents and stormed them away. As the storm recedes and the dust settles, the tribe members find themselves drifting into a strange, surreal world in which the wheels of evolution spin very fast. There, the tribe finds itself in the heart of a dreamy oasis, the waters of its cascades flowing up and down! Then the giant hawk spreads its wings in the sky to shine a new sun aimed at its golden ray behind the far horizon.


Theater design and decoration


The exterior of the King Fahad International Stadium in Riyadh is inspired by the old traditional Bedouin tents, evoking the ancient spirit of the Badia, which is also reflected in the interior decoration and the interior. In short, there is a theater that will already exist within a different theater, so that the audience will experience a unique experience that they feel is truly within a Bedouin tent, so that they become an integral part of the show, which will make them more able to interact with the spatial situation and fill the emotional state. There are four main elements that make up the interior decoration and are actually the four axes of the tent with four old lamps that will flood the audience with special illumination within a surrealistic atmosphere in which the past is replaced by the modernity of the future.




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