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The next Thomas Edison

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Time: February 21, 2019  


By Amrina Qaiser

The beginning:

Meshal Harasani, A young saudi inventor entered the world of innovation in 2000. His first innovation, at the young age of 13, served people with special needs. As of today his innovations and inventions exceed, in various human, scientific and social fields. He later joined King Abdulaziz university in 2005 . In the same year he got a full scholarship at UBT University to study marketing.


Harasani completed various courses in the field of innovation and technology; the most important studies were at Harvard University and MIT. He was honored by many local and international organizations; the most important one was the United Nations- when he passed the international leadership course organized by the US State Department.

Return to KAU University:

Currently Harasani works as an advisor at King Abdulaziz University and is pursuing a PhD in knowledge management at the same university to achieve his dream, which is to serve together with other creative young people.

Inventions within hours

The latest patent is for a serrated needle to serrate the cartilage. The product was made in France and was used in Germany for the first time with Dr. Abdulkareem Fida and Dr. Faisal Zagzoog. Recently, he received another patent to serve the new born babies at hospitals in emergency cases, and he’s working with his team to make a product. In the media, CNN also talked about Harasani and how can he invent thing within hours.

Edison patents

As a hobby, Harasani a collector of vintage patents, inventions, autographs and books about Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Albert Einstein. Till now he has collected more than 10 patents out of 1092 Thomas Edison patents when he visited Edison’s birth place and was inspired by old inventions to think about the future.

This article was first published in the Saudi Gazette

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