The Place: Algeher Mountain in Jazan region

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Time: March 09, 2019  

Photo courtesy of Saudi Commission on Tourism and National Heritage

Algeher Mountain in the southwestern region of Jazan is one of the richest sites in Saudi Arabia. It contains a variety of natural and archaeological landmarks.

The mountain is 3,000 meters above sea level, covered with juniper trees besides more than 200 types of plants. It is formed with different types and colors of rocks.

Some of the parks in Algeher Mountain are: Al-Rahwa, Buq’et bin Faisal, Hanula, Aldhalleh, Alkhettem, Almekhadheh, Qa’ah, Alwadein, Al-Khelsah, Wilaya, Mount Fares, Alkereen and Alteref.

Many ancient antiquities dating back to previous civilizations cover the sides of Algeher Mountain, including Alwadein — which has carved rocks and animal drawings and formations, and hand traces colored with red, which have not changed over time. It also contains houses carved in the rocks which are still inhabited by people until now — and Hayd, which has drawings of tigers and deer besides some geometric shapes.

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