The Red Sea project will boast dormant volcanoes as a global touristic site

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Time: August 3, 2017

Aerial shot of volcanoes in Saudi Arabia (Supplied)

Harraat Al Shaqaa, also known as Luneer, is located east of Amlaj, Saudi Arabia. This lava field covers an area of about 2,000 sq. km and extends to the nearby Red Sea.

Located in Saudi Arabia are 12 other volcanic fields, but the latest occurrence of volcanic activity happened at Harrat Al Shaqaa. The landscape there includes a variety of rock types and geological formations, attracting geologists and nature lovers.

Volcanic feild in Saudi Arabia (supplied)


Thousands of photos captured the scenery of volcanic fields, and plenty of information was collected on the 2,000 volcanic vents and clusters spread across the fields. However, the volcanic sites are still not ready for visitors in Saudi Arabia as the lava shaped the terrain in a way making it difficult for cars to cross.

Cinder cone volcano in Saudi Arabia (supplied)

The Red Sea project is the first to utilize these fields and volcanoes in Saudi Arabia. It is a unique project which will turn the sites into an international destination.


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