The US in not an ultimate hope for new Saudi Arabia

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Time: October 08, 2018      

The most prominent features of the new policies of Saudi Arabia are decisiveness, determination, looking ahead, balanced foreign policies and sustainable economic development together with adopting the principle of transparency in decision-making. This was stated by Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense with “Bloomberg”. His speech has echoed all over the world. The essence of this speech is that nothing will stop the Kingdom from pressing ahead towards building Saudi and Arab glory.
According to statements made by Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman, new Saudi Arabia does not see the US as ultimate hope; it builds balanced relations with all major powers. The Kingdom is able to overcome all difficulties and work on settling various problems that struck the Arab region at the political, military and economic levels in addition to its unlimited capabilities in exploiting the technological revolution to serve the Saudi economy and sustainable development.

New Arabism

The Kingdom has adopted new policy based on not using oil as main source of Saudi income and the good follow-up of the conditions of the Arab world during the last period. The Kingdom has succeeded in reaching an Arab consensus over the key issues in the Middle East. This new consensus helped settle disputes and wars in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya together with helping settle the Palestinian Cause, eradicating terrorism and confronting Iranian interventions.

The Saudi Experience

Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s statements made to Bloomberg confirm that the new Saudi experience that was much in the minds of the Arabs during the last three years, cast a shadow on the Arab reality at a time when some parties tried to question the implementation. The Saudi experience is also based on four main axes: “policy of decisiveness and determination, combating corruption, economic development and balanced international relations.”

Policy decisiveness and determination

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman spoke to Bloomberg about the Saudi decisiveness and determination in the coming period. He said that the Kingdom has begun to modernize its military capabilities and strengthen its political efforts and diplomatic moves in regional and international forums. It raises the slogan decisiveness and determination against evil practices of terrorism supporters and the Persian project. These Saudi efforts resulted in constituting the Arab coalition for supporting legitimacy in Yemen. Saudi Arabia-led Arab coalition managed to relieve Yemeni people, cut off Iran’s hand in Yemen and rescue most Yemeni provinces from genocides and crimes committed by Iran-backed Houthi Militias. The Arab coalition stopped all Iranian attempts to establish armed militias similar to Hezbullah in Lebanon. In addition, the Arab coalition in Yemen succeeded in stopping risks and dangers that jeopardize Gulf and Arab national security together with navigation traffic in the Strait of Bab al-Mandab and the Red Sea.
The new Saudi policy also resulted in establishing an Islamic military alliance to combat terrorism. This alliance is based on exchanging intelligence and security information on the activities of terrorist groups, drying up the sources of terrorism, and punishing the financiers. Saudi Arabia’s decisiveness and determination approved diplomatic theories that mitigated the Syrian tragedy, blocked the way before the Iranian influence and prevented the abduction of Lebanon from its Arab surroundings. New policies adopted by the Kingdom brought Iraq back to its Arab surrounding through a raft of political and economic agreements. Saudi Arabia’s arduous efforts corresponded to efforts of Egypt and the UAE to restore stability in Libya.
Saudi Arabia’s decisiveness and determination policies succeeded in establishing anti-terrorism Arab Quartet that agreed to boycott the Qatari regime due to its involvement in funding and supporting all terrorist organizations both Sunni and Shiite ones in the Middle East region and the world including the one billion dollar deal granted by the Qatari regime to Shiite terrorist groups in Iraq for allegedly setting Qatari hostages free. This regime also turned the Qatari capital of Doha into an incubator for the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, Nosrah Front and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.
In addition, Saudi Arabia’s decisiveness and determination policies have demonstrated their usefulness over time with the Qatari regime. This is incarnated in vanishing terrorist operations on the ground in most Arab countries that have suffered a lot from Qatar’s practices notably Egypt, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Yemen.

Fighting Corruption

According to statements made by Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salam to Bloomberg, he said that anti-corruption campaign in the Kingdom managed to collect more than USD 35 billion. This indicates that fighting corruption is considered the most important feature of the Saudi experience. The Kingdom believes that fighting corruption leads to prosperity and development all over the country. Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption campaign was praised by various Arab media that called for applying this experience at the Arab level for eradicating corruption.
The new experience has echoed all over the Arab world because of its objectives in raising growth rates, cash flows and financial liquidity through the enactment of deterrent laws. This campaign did not exclude any one, especially the senior officials in case of involvement. According to economic observers, anti-corrupt campaign provided the Kingdom with trillions of dollars.

Sustainable Development

During his speech with Bloomberg, Prince Mohammed bin Salman made clear that he actively seeks to reach sustainable development by the diversification of sources of income, optimization of oil revenues in sustainability companies, the reduction of unemployment rates and the increase of the rate of foreign investment in the country. This is clear-cut in the Saudi experience that is based on two main axes: building the national economy and working on Arab economic integration to serve the overall development and political consensus.
At the domestic level, the Kingdom has recently adopted new policies to attract foreign investors in the whole world. The Kingdom has recently set out a raft of mega projects foremost among them the futuristic city of NEOM that extends in the Saudi land in addition to Egypt and Jordan. This mega project is aimed at attracting investments worth USD half trillion, localizing various technological sciences, making robots more than human beings in the city in addition to constructing Qiddiya city that is bigger than Disneyland three times and the largest entertainment city on earth. The expected revenue of Qiddiya city is USD 30 billion. This amount is spent by seven million Saudi tourists on similar activities outside the Kingdom. The Kingdom also carries out the mega project of New Taif that represents an invasion of the vast desert of Taif. The project also aims to turn Taif’s plains and mountains into green land, residential areas. The projects also aims to build a scientific university, seven –star hotels and huge factories. The project also seeks strongly to localize sciences of solar energy, build infrastructure and peaceful nuclear reactors for the purpose of producing electricity together with supporting various heavy industries.

Arab integration

At the Arab level, new Saudi Arabia has employed the economic factor to serve development integration and political consensus by adopting the policy of coordination councils and the exchange of available needs with countries of the region such as Egypt, the UAE, Sudan, Jordan, Morocco and others. The Kingdom also searches for skilled human resources and investment in all vital required domains.

Balance of international relations

In responding to US President Donald Trump’s statements on protecting Saudi Arabia’s security, the Crown Prince said that Saudi Arabia had existed before the US for 30 years since 1744, stressing that the Kingdom would not pay anything for its security. This means that the new Saudi Arabia is drawing up a new line for its international alliances with all countries. These alliances will be based on mutual interests and strategic partnerships with various world powers. This became clear-cut in the last period between the Kingdom and Russia a matter which reveals that the Kingdom constitutes new relations based on balance that is considered the cornerstones in ensuring regional and international influence.
Reinforcing relations and ties between Saudi Arabia and superpowers removes any mutual misunderstanding between them. This also prevents any conflict of interest or contradiction with the world’s largest countries, whose role cannot be ignored in the Middle East. This obliges all superpowers to establish strong relations with the Kingdom based on mutual respect and common interests because the Kingdom is considered the main gate of the Middle East and an influential force at the regional and international levels.
The new Saudi Arabia wisely seeks to establish balanced global relations with all superpowers at the economic, political and military levels. In addition, the Kingdom also seeks to reinforce the cultural exchange, disseminate the Saudi culture all over the world in addition to besieging the Iranian enemy. In addition, the Kingdom seeks to obtain the support of the international community in its war against terrorism for the purpose of drying up its resources of finance to provide security and stability to the whole Middle East region and the world.

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