TheFace: Alanoud Al-Rammah, general manager of International Advertising Co.

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Time: May 03, 2019  

Alanoud Al-Rammah. (AN photo by Ziyad Alarfaj)

Alanoud Al-Rammah I am the general manager of Al-Rammah International Advertising Co. (ADMEX).

I am the second daughter in my family, and have four sisters and one brother. I was born in Alkhobar, and my family is my biggest source of support and encouragement.

My role model in life is my mother and in work it is my father — Allah bless them. My father is the main supporter in my field, followed by my brother Naif who supports me in everything at work, from counseling to generating ideas.

My elder sister Nouf is married and lives in Kuwait. She regularly keeps up with my work and is constantly supporting me. My younger sister Mounira and my youngest twin sisters Sara and Noura are always there when I need them.

I am a member of the board of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Eastern Province, having been appointed by the Minister of Commerce and Investment Majid Al-Qassabi in 2018.

I started my journey with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 2002 until today, acquiring different positions and joining different committees such as the Hospitality and Entertainment Committee, and the Young Business Women Committee, which I was the president of, operating under the Prince Sultan Fund for Women’s Development. The committee focused on empowering women.

I have also been a board member of the Saudi Society for Quality since 2015 and I have been the current head of their business sector since 2018.  I joined the Council of Saudi Chambers as a member of the coordinating council for women’s empowerment this year, and I have been a member of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage since 2018, and became a member of the advisory board of Dhahran Exhibitions in the same year.

In 2017, I headed the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Eastern Province’s first delegation of the Young Business Women’s Committee in Spain.

I hold a diploma in Management Information Systems (MIS) from King Faisal University, which I attained in 2003. I started over by attaining a bachelor’s of science in Information Technology (IT) from the University of Phoenix in 2010, and pursued my Exhibition Management Degree (EMD) from the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in 2014.

I established ADMEX while I was still in high school in 1999. ADMEX consists of three departments: Event management, advertising, and training and workshops.

I started working at Saudi Aramco in 2002 while I was still pursuing my diploma from King Faisal University. I worked in the IT department for two years, and for another two years in the human resources department. I left Saudi Aramco in 2006 to dedicate myself to the family business.

I have been a board member of Al-Rammah International Holding Co., which is also a family business, since 2006. Al-Rammah International Holding Co. includes a number of companies in fields such as food, information technology, organization and management of events, a training institute in various disciplines, a financial consulting company and a construction company. • AN photo by Ziyad Alarfaj

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