TheFace: Lubna Alomair, KSA’s first female Olympic fencer

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Time: June 21, 2018

Lubna Alomair is the first Saudi female Olympic fencer. In celebration of her achievements, an image of her was showcased on the tallest building in Riyadh during Saudi National Day in 2017. In 2014, she co-founded the Dhahran Fencing Club, the first in the country for women to train in the sport. She has a master’s degree with honors in business information technology from DePaul University, Chicago. She worked for Saudi Aramco in the engineering services department for three years, and for more than a year in the office of the minister of energy and mineral resources on a special assignment. She now works for the Quality of Life Program, a Vision 2030 program. Besides all of this, she is also a wife and a new mother.

This article was first published in Arab News

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