ThePlace: Al-Bujairi Quarter, the historic gateway to Saudi Arabia’s Al-Diriyah

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SOURCE: Arab News

Time: April 21, 2018

Al-Bujairi Quarter is the gateway to the historic area of Al-Diriyah. It overlooks the eastern edge of Wadi Hanifah, just opposite to Al-Turaif neighborhood. The late Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulwahab and many scholars lived in Al-Bujairi district.

The High Commission for the Development of Riyadh has developed the area in an urban way to restore its historic splendor through modern institutions and facilities. Visitors can see the Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulwahab Mosque. They can also enjoy shopping in the multi-activity shops.

Tourists can also visit the Mohammed bin Abdulwahab Foundation, which represents the most important cultural elements in the neighborhood. The building has a westward slope, allowing visitors to use its roof as a viewing platform, including the view of the Al-Turaif district.

The foundation is a specialized Islamic research and scientific center that aims to be an international research hub that serves researchers within modern institutional frameworks.


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