ThePlace: Al-Qandal Forest located in Saudi Arabia’s Farasan Islands

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Time: September 07, 2019  

Photo/Saudi Tourism
  • The gorgeous green scenery resembles an oil painting

Al-Qandal Forest The beautiful Farasan Islands are renowned for their rich flora and fauna — and particularly for their marine life. The islands’ unspoiled coral reefs are a popular spot with divers, but visitors to the nature reserve can also see plenty of aquatic life without entering the water.
Al-Qandal — one of the northern islands — is home to Al-Qandal Forest, which is rich in mangrove trees and is an ideal place for hiking thanks to its extensive network of walkways and bays. The gorgeous green scenery resembles an oil painting.
In April and May, the Hareed (parrotfish) festival takes place, which celebrates the annual arrival of the parrotfish to the Farasan Islands and honors the vital role of the fish in the lives of the local people. Parrotfish spend up to 90 percent of their time eating algae off coral reefs, which cleans the reefs and helps the corals stay healthy.
This photograph was taken by Mohammed Al-Aalim as part of the Colors of Saudi competition.

This article was first published in Arab News

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