This is what makes Saudi Arabia’s highest peak Jabal Sawda unique

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SOURCE: Al Arabiya

Apr 24, 2018

When one stands at Jabal Sawda’s edge in Asir region of Abha city, they are standing on the highest point any person can reach in Saudi Arabia.

Jabal Sawda has the highest peak in the Kingdom, with 3,015 meters above sea level height.

It is situated some 20 km away from Abha, one of the cities located on Asir mountain range. It is covered with a number of Juniper trees, forming the green mountain forests of Asir’s mountain range where different kinds of flora and fauna exists.

Saudi’s most important summer resorts

Sawda is one of the most important summer resorts in Saudi Arabia, with cold and rainy weather in the summer, as the clouds are gathered on top of these heights, to record the highest raining percentages than other places.

Sawda’s residents hope that the cold weather would encourage more investments in Saudi Arabia’s highest mountain peak, the coldest and the rainiest weather in the summer. According to Sawda’s annual records, there indicators shows an increase in the number of visitors from all over Saudi Arabia and some GCC countries who like the cold weather and the mountains nature.

There are other heights that are just a few meters less the highest peak in Saudi Arabia. Mount Ferwa’, in al-Harjjh governorate in the western part of Asir region, is 3,004 meters above sea level. As for the third place peak is Mount Al-Majaz, which comes After Sawda and Ferwa’ peaks, it is 2,902 meters above sea level.

The mountains come in sequence, all of them are part of the Sarawat Mountains in Asir heights, which are located in the southern part of Saudi Arabia, where the Moushref, Sahla’a, Mana’a, Shoukan and Qa’mah mountains are.

This article was first published in the Al Arabiya

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