Tourism programs for visitors to enjoy sightseeing in Madinah

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Time: June 05, 2018

MADINAH: Many visitors enjoy sightseeing when in Madinah, it being rich with mosques and Islamic sites that act as a reminiscence of the time of Prophet Muhammad.
This type of tourism witnesses a surge during the seasons on Hajj and Umrah, which accordingly brings more income and creates more job opportunities to temporary sellers of food and gifts.
Those who enjoy photography at historical sites also find the place interesting.
A lot of tourism companies boost their sightseeing programs to these religious sites, granting visitors a more organized, informative trip to these areas, with tour guides would explain the incidents that took place at every site.
Transport becomes easier using cars and buses provided by these companies.
The online registration for visiting historic sites makes the tourist’s trip even more convenient, as it takes in consideration the number of people planning to visit the sites, and provides the best time to for the visitor to go on the trip.
It also provides several sightseeing programs with a variety of prices and places to choose from.

This article was first published in Arab News

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