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Trend Micro reinforces its investments in Kingdom

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Time: November 10, 2018   

Dr. Moataz Bin Ali

2030 vision of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is focused on technology-led growth and the establishment of a national cybersecurity industry that enables the Kingdom to become a leader in the digital economy, and to achieve a technological renaissance that serves the future of the Kingdom’s national economy, thus being an attractive environment for international companies in this field.

Trend Micro, a global leader in cybersecurity solutions that celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, has worked on converting its strategic leadership in the Middle East from Dubai to Riyadh. Dr. Moataz Bin Ali, Vice President for Middle East and North Africa who is considered the first Saudi to lead a global leading company in cybersecurity solutions, said “we are the first global security company in the world to do this. The size of our investment in Saudi Arabia is the first of its kind investment support in the Middle East. In recognition of Saudi Competencies, we have also increased our investment in the human element.”

The Trend Micro KSA e-Security Academy was recently launched Following our successful certification program in the United States of America, Canada, and Brazil, which aims at addressing the lack of local expertise and competencies to maintain the security of digital space in the Kingdom, and to face the challenges in this area. Qualified Saudi candidates will be able to fill vacancies in all of the company’s job vacancies, from software development to sales, and support to specialist services.

“The expansion of our investments in the Saudi market has strengthened our relationship with our government and private customers by providing innovative solutions to protect their business centers, cloud computing environments, networks and their endpoints. One of the sectors of government with which we are working to update their programs on a continuous basis is the security sector, which is considered one of the vital strategic sectors, besides the education sector, which is on the verge of danger in the subject of ransom attacks and various cyber-attacks. As for the private sectors that we are currently focused on and work with in the Kingdom are the energy sector, chemicals sector, health sector, and the banking sector.”

The Kingdom came under threat of malware that reached its highest levels in the first month of the year, when we discovered 921,512 infected files. The number fell in February to 898,093, and witnessed a slight rise in March to 904,983. Saudi Arabia has achieved good results in avoiding ransom attacks, ranking the third in the Middle East, plus we have been able to prevent hosting a malicious URL in the Kingdom 726 times, while the number of malicious e-mail threats blocked by the sender’s IP protocol exceeded 50.6 million.” Bin Ali added.

In an effort to make the world safer in sharing digital information and providing better protection against threats more quickly, we have launched an advanced endpoint security solution, Trend Micro Apex One™, during our recent participation at the Hitax 2018, which involves a lot of upgrades and developments that address the most difficult endpoints security issues the sector currently faces. It is an ideal choice for companies seeking to replace traditional antivirus programs or distressed spreading for the next generation applications.

During the exhibition, a memorandum of understanding was signed with Naif Arab College for Security Sciences, which will enable the students of Naif Arab University for Security Sciences to benefit from Trend Micro’s pioneering capabilities in content and e-security research, which will be taught within the framework of the university’s curricula. As well as to review and develop network and electronic security approaches and other relevant curricula.

This article was first published in Saudi Gazette

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