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Wadi Najran home to 33 clay villages

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Time : August 06, 2018

The heritage villages have many clay buildings like this one.

NAJRAN — Clay houses and palaces in Najran, southwest of Saudi Arabia, are considered one of the historical jewels in the Kingdom that reflect old community life of the villages on the northern and southern banks of the Najran valley.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the 33 clay villages in Najran are distinguished by unique architectural designs that are made with traditional materials of rammed earth, palm straws and clay.

The heritage villages include several clay palaces and buildings that differ in names and the methods by which they were constructed, each one representing individual creativity and aesthetic vision.

One of the famous houses in the area is called “Doroob”, where the building consists of seven floors. The ground floor is dedicated to livestock, while the first to sixth floors are for use as living areas and the seventh is used as a kitchen.

This building is considered one of the oldest archaeological buildings in the region, some going back to 200 years.

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in Najran was keen to preserve the national urban heritage of the region by communicating with the owners of the traditional clay buildings to protect them and provide infrastructure such as roads, lighting and pavements. — Al-Arabiya English

This article was first published in  Saudi Gazette

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