What We Are Listening To Today: Leesa A raps “We Are Driving” from the driver’s seat

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Time: July 06, 2018

  • The idea of this video is to show how happy we are as women in Saudi society: Leesa

Taking the driver’s seat and turning the key in the ignition while rapping lyrics that went viral on social media, Aseel Seraj (Leesa A) has released her video on YouTube to celebrate the official lifting of the ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia.

Leesa sings, while standing out of the car’s sunroof, “you seem to be forgetting that today is the 10th, which means no need for taxis,” referring to the date of 10th Shawwal 1439H (June 24, 2018) based on the Islamic calendar.

Leesa said on Instagram: “The idea of this video is to show how happy we are as women in Saudi society.”

The video has had more than 1.19 million views on YouTube and more than 1.3 million on Instagram. Hash-tagged “Hajjat Al-baqarah ala Qrounaha,” it is based on a Saudi proverb that demonstrates the difficulty in achieving something, which can be translated as “the cow has pilgrimed on its own horns.”

Leesa’s song explains to her peers how to drive cars for the first time: “R is for going back, D is for going seeda, Watch out for every hadida,” she raps.

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