Where We Are Going Today: The ‘go-to’ for a brew in Jeddah

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May 05, 2018

A cozy, quiet specialty café and roastery located on Prince Saud Al-Faisal street in Al-Khalidiyah district of Jeddah.

Brew92 is one of the most popular cafés in the city. Coffee-lovers from all over Jeddah applaud the café for offering a variety of coffee selections and high-quality food.

The atmosphere is also a hit; the place always seems busy, with men working and chatting and women and families having breakfast or a relaxing dinner. Wooden floors and tables, navy-blue walls and houseplants in every corner of the café create a peaceful setting; making it an ideal place for studying, working or enjoying the company of friends and family.

It has become a “go-to” place for the first meal of the day, known for its selection of sweet or savory breakfast options.

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