Who is the woman carrying a message from Saudi health minister to hospitals?

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Time: November 14, 2018        

In a visit to the hospitals of Al Had Al Janoubi, near the southern Saudi border with Yemen, Salwa al-Omran, an official from the health ministry has distributed gifts to workers.

Omran visited to deliver a message from the Saudi Health Minister, Tawfiq Rabea, thanking workers at the hospitals and medical centers for their honorable efforts and endless sacrifices in treating patients and injuries from the ongoing war near the border.

Omran visited the directorate of Health in Jazan as well as its hospitals and medical centers.

She read the minister’s letter to the workers at the hospital in which he apologized for the circumstances of not being able to meet them at their work places to thank them.

The minister then praised their loyalty and efficient performance and their nobility in giving.

Social media users have shared footage of Omran’s visit to one of the hospitals, where she was seen handing out gifts and meeting medical staff.

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